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The Pokebra, By szmoon.

This is the Pokebra, and it seems to be gathering a lot of attention on the Internet.

Although originally created by szmoon (szmoon's deviantART) it seems nerdy girls across the web are crafting their own "over-the-shoulder-poke-breast-holders" out of little more than a plain white bra and some color. Thanks to this nifty guide that was left in the Cardbored-in-Box females far and wide can make and wear one of these eye catching devices.

Is it pushing Pokemon too far?
Does it cross the line between nerdy and awkward?
Or is it just awesome enough to be...dare anyone say it?...Sexy?


  1. It's not pushing pokémon too far, it's pushing it upwards. Love this idea.

  2. Haha nice line chris. Funny bra. i wouldn't mind if i saw a lovely girl wearing one.