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Five of The Best Movies, You've Probably Never Seen

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

This little Punk Rock Opera is a gritty musical about the life of Hedwig. Separated in more than one way after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Hedwig aspires to be a rock star in the good ol' U.S.ofA. With hit numbers like Angry Inch, Origin of Love, and Makeup(Wig in a Box) it'll have you cringing laughing and maybe even a tear will run down your cheek.

Southland Tales

This post 911 movie is...strange to say the least. Sarah Michelle Gellar as a porn star, Justin Timberlake as a Iraqi Veteran, and Dwayne The Rock Johnson as...someone he doesn't understand. Its almost science fiction, its almost politically outspoken, and it's entirely awesome. It's offbeat vibes will have you guessing what happens next only to be pleasantly wrong. Fair warning however, if you get the feeling you've missed out on the beginning half of this story...well it's because you have, and unless you're willing to track down the graphic novel you wont ever see it. Regardless this movie will surprise you.

Survive Style 5+

If you've ever seen one you'd know the Japanese have some really bad live action films, but this more than makes up for them all. Survive Style 5+ is sexy, action packed, and mind bogglingly hilarious, oh yeah and Vinnie Jones is in it. This one is just amazing, the music, the colors, the horrifically uncomfortable moments. It is all just too beautiful to work into words. Needless to say you might want subtitles for this one.

Mystery Team

Mystery Team might turn out to be one of the funniest movies you've ever seen. It will have you ROFLing, it'll have you crying in laughter pains, it might even make you a little sick to your stomach while you cry on the floor laughing while rolling around in your own sickness. The Mystery Team will make even the most inappropriate senses of humor blush. Also, Aubrey Plaza is in it, and shes pretty hot.


The most visually stunning struggle for mankind's existence. Sunshine isn't very funny like the rest of this list but it is so beautiful it will make your eyes bleed. Travel with the crew of earth's last hope, as they journey toward the sun in an attempt to play god and reignite the sun. The story is simple and the characters are good, but they real glory here is to be seen in HD, with surround sound.


  1. MYSTERY TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so many good lines from it.

  2. these movies looks awesome
    have to watch them

  3. Regarding Sunshine: I'm not sure what I just saw. I'm not sure whether I want to know, either.

  4. Haven't seen any of those, have heard of Sunshine. All of them look very interesting though.

  5. Ive actually never heard let alone seen any of these, will have to check them out sometime. thanks for sharing.

  6. I haven't seen the others but, Mystery Team is a pretty decent movie.

  7. Sunshine was an amazing movie for the first 2/3. It completely shifted gears after a certain point, which I won't mention for the sake of those who haven't seen it.

  8. Survive Style 5+.One of the best movies ever!

  9. Survive Style 5+.One of the best movies ever!