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The Cardbored Box
To infinity and beyond

Maybe I'm just a sucker for ear drum damage. In any case, here are some filthy Dubstep selections of mine. Your neighbors are gonna hate you. If they call the cops, just say The Box made you do it.

Really wish I could have found an embedable sound cloud of this one, but still, it's off the fucking chain.

You know what this genre of music needs? Portals.

Katy Perry's Boobs...Now that I have your attention open your ears.

This wouldn't be a normal post without Pokemon, so here ya go!

A little more G5K

The Cardbored Box
Is over 5000

So lets start off by announcing the mobile version of The CardBored Box!
Simple, but nice.

Also here's a picture I snapped of my Bro Mudkip basking in the sun of my backyard.

I'm thinking about taking more pics of this little guy all around town...if it ever gets sunny that is.

Ever hear of a Television show called Reaper? No? I'm not surprised, it only ran on TV for two series before getting tossed into the Fox Network's terminated pile.

It's kinda like Buffy The Vampire Slayer except edgy and funny as shit. It's also available on Netflix watch instantly so go forth and watch. You're bound to like it.